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Adam and I talk about getting married ALL the time. And there is not a single thing I would love more than to marry that man and leave Colorado for Virginia so I could be with him. Thing is, we’re 19, and I’m not bashing on young marriages, but part of me says that’s too young for me to be getting…


If I was in a long distance relationship, I think I’d want to do something cute like mail them dates. Like send a package of chocolate and flowers and everything needed for a beautiful dinner (tablecloth, candles etc.) and maybe a movie and get dressed up and skype them as they open the box and have an identical set up at home. I think it’d be really cute

And I’d to it every month or so until we meet

my life right now.. gahhh



First Aid Kit - Love Interruption (Jack White Cover)

Ha! Plus a bit of Tribute.


There are a thousand things I wish I could do. A thousand words I would say, a thousand kisses, hugs, smiles, laughs. What I would do to have fresh pine smell, ravvy girl, long walks, making love in the bathtub, snaily kisses, lake swims, the shining, and all of our memories one more time is incredible. 

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